Wednesday 22 February 2017

The daily struggle to work every day, pouring rain, trains not running or delayed, fighting your way through crowds, and all that before 9.00 am but finally some good news.  Train companies that are late or delayed are being forced to refund customers thousands of pounds.

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No longer can the station staff stand by and ignore your complaints when your train is delayed or cancelled or attempt to fob you off with small compensation refunds.  Petesdeals has been advising customers on how to get full refunds when your trains are delayed or late, below is our step by step guide.

1)  You need to make sure that you buy your train tickets using a debit or credit card, it is far more difficult although not impossible if you buy your ticket using cash.  This also means that your bank statement serves as your proof of purchase and also as a record of all of the tickets that you have purchased.  

2)  In any given period its probably easily to do it yearly but monthly is acceptable keep a note of the times of the trains that are late or cancelled totally, if you haven't done this don't worry the train companies are duty bound to supply you with this information, so just call the customer service number and get them to send you over the details.

3)  Draft a letter top your train company explaining the dates and times of  a delayed train and also that you would like a refund for those fairs.  If you have a annual season ticket or a monthly season ticket you can probably claim back for the whole ticket if more than 20% of your trains in that period are delayed.

4)  With any luck this will get your refund, if it hasn't then please read on.

5)  If you have paid by debit card contact your bank and explain the situation and provide any evidence they have requested above and ask for a charge back under section 75 as a result of the goods or services not being provided.  The bank is duty bound to investigate and if the train companies were indeed late that you will be given a full refund from your bank who will then recover the money from the train companies directly.  In 99% of cases the bank will put the money into your account the same day.

6)  If your paid by credit card the process is actually a lot simpler as the contract you have is with the credit card company and not the train companies, do contact the customer services of your credit card company explain the situation, they may ask you to send over the details of the delays etc and the credit card company is duty bound to refund the money.

Thats it a simple and easy way to make sure you are not paying for train fares on delayed trains.